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Jenner Rose Ranch

Promoting quality gypsy, gypsy crosses, haflingers, fell ponies, drums and Australian Shepherds

Custom Portraits

I do accept paypal payments email address : [email protected] 

All drawings/paintings (excluding the sand dollars and shells) have copies and you can buy a framed copy for $15 plus $5.95 S&H. all framed artwork is 8X10"

Painted Shells: $20 plus $6.95 S&H

Sand Dollars: $10 plus $5.96 S&H


If you have a picture of a loved family member or loyal pet that you would like the beauty captured in your own original piece of art here are some quotes. All I need is a picture of what you would like done, or if you don't have any I can take the picture for you for an additional $25.

5X7 Wood Plaques ( see examples below of "Peppy's White Diamond" and "Humma Bar Tune") $50 

8X10 pencil drawings: $75

8X10 paintings (Acrylic):$125

11x14 pencil/charcol drawing: $150

11X14 painting: $250

18X24 Painting:$350

All paintings are done on canvas with acrylic paints.

Also if you have a piece of wood, cattle skull, saws, or anything you think might make a great canvas for some of my artwork contact me and we can talk about a price. Thanks for looking!


Desert Blue Lightening


Wolf Lightning 

Huge cattle skull with great set of horns.

Cactus Beauty $300

Gypsy Sunset $300

"Please Don't Move"

Sand Dollar Orca

Orca Sunset

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

11X14 acrylic on canvas


18X24 acrylic on canvas


Mothers Love

Charcol drawing

"Peppy's White Diamond"

This is my best friends Stallion, "Playboy" a picture of him and the painting I did of him on a wood plaque.

Humma Bar Tune 1988-2009

This is another friends paint mare who passed away last year, 2009 known to many as 'Riva'

"Over the Hill"

                    Gypsy Horse done on green colored paper with Pastels


Sundance Kid gypsy Stallion of Gypsy MVP

Acrylic on 17 1/2" piece of round wood

Sundance Kid in metal

Sundance Kid is a Gypsy stallion. This is punch metal art

Family Pride

Pencil Sketch

Turtle Shell

Orca Shell

Wolf skull

BeesKnees gypsy stallion owned by Lexlin Gypsy Ranch, acrylic paints on wood piece

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