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Horses welcomed for training ANY breeds

Its not JUST a trail horse! Getting a horse safe for trail riding takes many hours and lots of exposure to different 'scary' horse eating objects. A lot of people are afraid to do this type of training for they don't understand or know how to start or read their horses body language, this is where I help. I have been doing extreme trail riding/training for 6 years now and have helped many horses become safe trail mounts, the first few being my own horses. So if your looking for a horse to be not only a great trail mount, but soft and supple in the bridle as well, then give my training a gander!

I do take in any breeds for training. The type of training I do is mainly 'beach' trails, putting miles on a horse and exposing them to all things 'scary' that may be encountered while on a trail ride. Horses are started out with basic ground work with Clinton Anderson methods so I can establish my relationship with each individual horse. The ultimate goal is to have a surefooted, safe, and confident trail mount. While on the trail we do work a lot on lateral flexion, side passing, and leg cues. So if you would like a well rounded confident trail partner that you would like started or finished, just give me a call.

 **Due to the rising cost of hay and fuel costs, I have had to raise my cost of training as I do trailer the horses I have in training to the riverbed and beach to get the training they need. Thank you for understanding** Cost is $1000/mo and that includes feed. (Unless you have a large draft horse the cost will be $1200 to accommodate the cost of feed or you can bring your own extra hay here for the reg. cost of $1000)  If you would like to see a copy of my training contract, please email me and I will send an attachment. ***I do accept Paypal as a method of payment monthly with a 3% paypal fee*** 


If you are a client of mine with a horse in training, you have qualified to get a discount at the Riding Warehouse In San Luis Obispo California and off their website! Tell them you have your horse with me and receive a discount. Thanks for choosing Jenner Rose Ranch for your horses training! Click >> The Riding Warehouse Get a 10% discount and if you place an order online you will need a discount code which I will give you when your horse is in training. 


Raven 16hh 8yr old friesian mare

Raven came to me sept. 2012 as a 7yr old unbroke broodmare. She is the first friesian I've had the honor of working with and is a joy! Taller than what I am used to, she has been a great mare to work with and is a pleasure to ride! Goes to show any age horse can be trained to ride with the gentle touch of natural horsemanship and willingness to learn from their trainer!  



Fin 14.1hh haflinger gelding

Fin is a haflinger gelding brought to me with only a couple rides. He has become a great safe and savvy trail horse and his owner is very pleased with his progress of 60 days training with me. 


Working Fin with the tarp and desensitizing him. The beach is where I do a lot of my training as there is lots of stimulous and it is safe and fun.




Scooter 15.1hh QH grade gelding

Scooter was a blast of a horse to work with, grade QH gelding. Needed miles and confidence building. Was not one to do well riding alone and a nervous boy, after 2 months with me he became a confidence leader of a horse and could ride with a group, alone, in the front, middle or back of a group. 




Woden, Reg. haflinger 5yr old gelding

Woden, haflinger gelding out on trail after 90 days of riding/ Trail training with me. My sister Crystal is riding him this day for the video. We had a pack of 6 dogs with us this day too!! And Woden could care less about them. Woden was harness broke but not saddle broke when he arrived here, and after 90 days he is a confident trail horse now. I'm going to miss hm when he leaves. 



Coco 5yr old appy mare

Coco was brought to me to be 'beach broke'. Her owner wanted her to be safe and fun to ride on the beach and in the ocean, as you can see....she is now after 2 months with me, a fantastic fun to ride 'beach broke horse'


Beach Riding Training-Montage Video

This is a video of a few horses I have had for training in their first few visits to the beach. You can see the different reactions of each horse to the water.


Norman Newsmaker

Norman is a great little solid Haflinger gelding. He's been a joy to work with and did well with his beach training sessions. He is currently for sale, and will be with me till the first weekend  in Novmeber which he will then go back to his owners, but will still be for sale. Contact me if interested in this adorable gelding!

Horses in past training and conditioning

 Here is Myst after 3 1/2 months of conditioning. My saddle and breastcollar finally fit!


Here is Myst, after being here for a month. Her crest has really gone down! This is Elle looking Great after being here a month on a light diet and regular workout. bM7CxCkH1eM    This is Elle after a month of groundwork training and her first introduction to the training ball.                      

This is Elle, she is a 4yr old haflinger/paint mare. She is a solid 13.3/14hh. She is not broke to ride at all and is here to be started under saddle and to become a great trail companion.                        Myst, 10yr old haflinger Mare. She is here for getting more miles on her and getting conditioned. She just arrived today, 8/15/2010

Horses in past training. Some went back to their owners, and some were here for training/for sale

Beau is a registered APHA  8yr old gelding. He came to me for a refresher course and he was for sale. Super trained horse!! Rusty but a lot of fun. He has sold

Here is My Money of RA, a registered haflinger gelding that spent two months with me in training. He learned a lot and got very well conditioned also. Very nice boy and lots of fun to ride. Very willing. Money went back to his owner and she is a very happy client!                            


KC is a Reg. Foxtrotter Gelding. Great horse that was here for 'beach' miles and for sale. He has sold. A great beginners horse and super great foxtrot.                       


This mare Dixie is a Reg. Haflinger. Wonderful stocky smooth moving mare. She was here for training/for sale and has sold. She was a very fun mare to ride.                        


Here is Pumpkin, a Reg. Haflinger Mare. A great safe trail riding mare with an amazing slide stop for a haflinger. She was a blast to ride and super smooth. She got many miles at the beach and on trails while she spent her time with me. She was for sale and has sold.                      


This is Misty, a reg. haflinger mare. She got many miles with her time with me and she was also for sale and has sold. Very forward moving mare.                   


Simply Awestruck aka 'Kachada' was a personal horse of mine given to me as an unbroke 4yr old stallion. He was a reg. APHA gelding when he left here. After I got him started under saddle going well and really broke, I had to sell  him.                         


This is Tina, a really nice little Icelandic mare. She needed trailer training, ground manners worked on, and trail miles/conditioning. She was a fun little pony to ride! Super smooth tolt                   


Hollywood aka 'Takota' is a haflinger/paint gelding. He was started in groundwork and undersaddle with me, and his owner finished him. Great horse to work with

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